It’s Been a While…

I tried to blog early Saturday morning from my phone as I lay in bed, exhausted, now with Pneumonia and then a glitch and a whole bunch of effort lost. I was very disappointed to say the least as I have virtually no energy almost all of the time. I should be sleeping now but I can’t and I really want to just finish the one post (even if short) and finish making screenshots of my “To Do List” for tomorrow and my “Already Did/Pending List.” I’ve been having issues with remembering things lately. It’s pretty bad. I emailed my doctor two days in a row asking him about the same thing because I didn’t remember that I had already emailed him the day before. So now I have a bunch of lists and need to write down (well type out) everything; I’m very shaky lately (probably only from all of the medication but especially with this stuff I’m taking for the Pneumonia so to write is very laborious and illegible. If I’ve said any of these things in a previous post, please forgive me as my memory just isn’t serving me at all.

I believe that I have been sick since March 4th, within hours after work and haven’t been back to work since.  I’ve attempted to return a couple of times last week but finally made a hard decision for me and decided that I definitely need to take a Leave of Absence until not only the Pneumonia goes away (what turned from a “cold” or something that lab blood work, a chest x-ray, EKG, no fever, all vitals looked “normal.” I had to ask for an inhaler and throat numbing medicine to get anything and was assured that the next time my nose and throat felt like it was closing up, it wouldn’t really do so which basically meant don’t come back to the ER if you have trouble breathing, you won’t die and it will eventually subside like it has been doing (as it was coming and going). And I’m not a hypochondriac, I do have a high pain tolerance, I don’t exaggerate, and I don’t like to go to the doctor unless I have to and definitely would not go to the Urgent Care or ER unless I felt it was necessary (it’s hard to talk myself into going to the ER even when I’m having difficulty breathing), and I’m not fond of staying in the hospital at all.

Good news, one of my best friends actually said she would fly down from Colorado to help me out, be there for me to talk to, be my “advocate” as she comes to appointments with me and ask questions, and will be an extra set of ears and brain to process and remember everything for me. She made me cry. I love her so much and words cannot describe how much this sacrifice she is making means to me. And to know that I would never be a burden on her and if she had any hesitation at all, she would not come.

I meant to write more but I had to finish up some notes on what I need to do in the morning and decided I need to wake up in about 3 hours if I turn off the computer now and fall asleep quickly due to needing to get a ride to see my doctor and do other medically related things. So I will be in touch as soon as I can even if it’s short. I also hope this makes sense because I hadn’t finished when I was creating my notes and then forgot about it until I was closing my browsers. I didn’t want more wasted effort so had to edit in different areas and I’m too tired right now to proofread. A pet peeve of mine but sorry, I have to just send this as is.



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  1. tlohuis
    Mar 25, 2014 @ 14:16:13

    Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry to hear that what you had turned into pneumonia. I’m sure glad you have such a good friend to come and be there by your side to help and comfort you through this difficult time. That is most definitely one good friend. You are very lucky in that sense. I sure hope you get better soon. I know you don’t feel well, so I’m not going to write a bunch for you to read. I’m just going to go on about my business and read the rest of your blog, finally. I’ll be praying for you. Take care.
    Peace and hugs,


  2. mkingr
    Apr 01, 2014 @ 00:18:25

    She decided not to come. 😦 However after I got out of the hospital, I emailed her (since I still didn’t have the energy to talk that it may have been a rash decision on both of our parts and that if she wants to come and is able to, then of course I’d want to see her), however I didn’t need her to come as much as I thought I did. I believe a lot of it was the low sodium as I now know that I was suffering from that for quite a while before it got to the point where I ended up being told by two of my doctors to go to the ER and was admitted. I was very confused, forgetful, thought I was going crazy, and fearful that I was about to suffer an emotional breakdown. This leads me to wonder if I had not made it to the doctor that day or he refused to see me as he made a major exception to see me unannounced on a day that he only sees new patients and then advised me to go to the ER along with my Neurologist telling me the same thing because of my chronic headaches, if I would have ended up having seizures or going into a coma or something worse. So I have to be grateful as usual because things could have been a lot worse and was definitely heading there because I refused to go to the ER since all they do is send me home almost every time I go there (well 2 out of 4 times, or maybe 3 out of 5 times). My friend admitted that she is going through her own stuff right now and I totally understand that it would not be feasible or even right on my part to ask her to come this far to see me. I was a little sad but not really because she has stuff she needs to take care of in her life, just as I do, like we all do. We all have our own journeys and battles to “fight.”


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