I decided to make another page with just random thoughts and other miscellaneous writings. Maybe it will be fun, maybe not. Since I don’t journal anymore and cannot physically write legibly, typing when I’m not too shaky from all the meds, especially the Prednisone has become my “outlet.”

This section won’t be dedicated to Lupus since I decided that Lupus doesn’t define who I am. There are many things that I am, that define me. Some good, some crazy weird (which I love but not everyone “gets” or understands), some that depending on who you ask are “acceptable” and some that are “unacceptable.” But I don’t care what people think of me, how they perceive me, nor how I am “judged.” Life is too short to concern myself with such things. So depending on who you are and what I write about, you will either like/ love this section or you may dislike it. I hope though that you will find it at least semi-enjoyable and perhaps entertaining.

If you want to add any comments about what you would like me to write about or want to share something about yourself, feel free to do so. Have a wonderful day despite everything you are going through. Always try to find things to be grateful for, even if that may only be one thing a day at first. Sometimes attitude can be everything and can make a difference in our daily life and recovery.

Koi Fish

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