I Found a Lupus Conference!

I was so excited yesterday when I found out through a magazine that there is a group that meets quarterly on O’ahu. It seems like a mixed group as the main moderator has Sjogren’s disease, so I’m assuming it’s a support group/ conference for people with various auto-immune disorders. They have a Dermatologist set up for late this month as their guest speaker, a Rheumatologist that was highly recommended to me by a patient will be at one of the conferences, and I cannot remember the last one for the year. So I’m considering flying down either for the day or night. A “support group” was something that I never really thought that I needed in the past but this time around is worse and it would be nice to meet other people who understand. Perhaps I can learn something new from them, whether it be knowledge about the disease itself, how it affects the different organs, or how to deal with the frustration and other negative emotions that sometimes comes along with being exhausted, in pain, and feeling “sick” just about every single moment of every single day. It can wear one out.

The magazine was something that I would have never read and never seen in my life, however my mom’s friend had run across the article and passed it along knowing that I have Lupus and that I might be interested in it. I emailed the woman who wrote the article immediately and was surprised by her quick response. Since then I’ve asked her more questions as to what to expect (I need to know that this will be worth my time and money as a 20 minute airline ticket between islands is ridiculous and it’s cheaper to fly longer distances, across multiple states on the mainland for the same price)! And had her add me to their email list. I may have to go alone which I was hoping that someone would come with me (I know, big baby, right)?  🙂 I may have found a friend to come with me but even if it doesn’t work out, I’m going to do this. I have some friends on O’ahu so I was considering contacting them (or at least one or two of them since I won’t be there long). Or why not? I could stay a day or two longer.

In the meantime, Mia’s newest trick is learning to “count.” Which I know isn’t counting, but that’s what I call it. She can go up to 3 now. I show her the number of fingers (1, 2, or 3) and say the number out loud and put my fist out in front of her. She then taps my fist the amount of times that I stated and then she gets her treat. She loves her treats.

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