Atrial Fibrillation

I took this photo over a year ago after a fun day at the beach looking for shells.

I took this photo over a year ago after a fun day at the beach looking for shells.

I received a phone call from my new Cardiologist’s office today regarding the holter monitor I had to wear for 2 weeks. He wants to see me sooner than our scheduled August follow up to discuss the findings. I have an Atrial Fibrillation, an irregular heartbeat. I’m a little concerned yet know that worrying about it won’t change anything or do anything positive for me so I should just wait until the appointment and listen to what he has to say. My first thought was “Warfarin,” as I work in a department that does INR/ Coumadin testing for many patient’s with Atrial Fibrillation as their main diagnosis. With me being prone to falling nowadays, I don’t want to take another medication, especially not a blood thinner. Then thoughts of having congestive heart failure in the left valve came to mind. All I could think of was, “Are you kidding me?” Just one more thing to add to my list. I know it may not be that bad so I shouldn’t worry about it. It may be nothing at all. The Cardiologist’s nurse called me back to confirm the appointment because he doesn’t work on the 23rd but it sounds like he’s booked out a ways and I had mentioned that I had another appointment that day. So he agreed to see me and wanted her to tell me to start taking Aspirin. I questioned it because I’ve been told from the very beginning not to take Aspirin, Motrin, Ibuprofen, pretty much anything besides Acetaphetamine. She said she was pretty sure he still wants me to take it to decrease chances of having a stroke however my kidneys and their progress is my number one concern and priority right now and I’m not going to compromise that because of a doctor’s oversight.


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  1. nariel4thewest
    Apr 16, 2014 @ 07:35:47

    ahh hell. What *is* the deal with telling us not to take aspirin and ibuprofen anyways? I’ve been taking a regular 81 mg aspirin for a few years now because of heart stuff and ibuprofen for inflammation and pain. *sigh*

    Here in the perfectly lovely state of Oklahoma *insert dripping sarcasm.. right.. about… here* the only rheumatologists I can see that are covered are at OU. That appointment may be another six months out but I have been told before that I have a speeding heart beat and irregular heart beat. Now you have me wondering…


    • mkingr
      Apr 16, 2014 @ 10:50:51

      I never read what the deal was with the Ibuprofen, Aspirin, and all that stuff was about. There were so many other things to research at the time that I just thought, “Ok, no, I won’t do that then.” My Nephrologist’s office left a voicemail (didn’t feel like talking to them) to say that it’s okay to take the Aspirin. So when is it okay? I don’t know. I guess now? For how long? Hmmm… 🙂 I went to Urgent Care once for my knee that was so inflamed I could barely walk, however back then I was still in “remission” and I made myself go to work through everything (how I only wish life was as “miserable” as it was before! It seems like a vacation or party now). 🙂 My knee was hot & visibly inflamed so I saw a Physician who prescribed me Ibuprofen. I questioned her about it but she said it should be fine. I asked my PCP about it to double check. He said it should be okay. So I was confused but said, “okay.” And took it for at least a couple of years before my kidneys decided to act up in December. At that time when I finally got a new Nephrologist (which I should’ve done a long time before), he told me to stop taking the Ibuprofen. That was his first thought about why my kidney function dropped. He had several different theories. It ended up not being the Ibuprofen however since I stopped taking it and I never felt safe about taking it in the first place, I was fine with that. It did help with some of the pain that my other pill doesn’t help. Pain is weird. The thing with my heart was weird. I didn’t know how to describe it though because I couldn’t tell if it was speeding up or slowing down so it was quite hard to explain to doctors, like everything else. It sounds like it might be both. I guess I’ll find out next Thursday. Maybe you should talk to your PCP about your heart. Maybe you could do some tests or see a Cardiologist. I did an Echo & an EKG but they said it was fine. It wasn’t until I wore the holter monitor for 2 weeks (which was a pain in the *) that they found that I have an “AF.” I love how you can be tested for things and you’re “fine” until they do a certain type of test. How long do things go undiagnosed and untreated because of this?


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