Last Night’s Dinner Outing

A couple of days ago a co-worker asked me if I wanted to go to dinner but I wasn’t feeling up to it. We were going to see how I felt the next day (yesterday) which again I had my issues and my body screamed to stay home. But then I’ve felt so deprived of human contact and someone to talk to, or someone that I rarely talk to now that I haven’t been at work for a couple of months. So I “got ready” which entailed putting on clothes that were “acceptable” for outside wear, try to do something with my hair to make it half way presentable (last night I regretted cutting it all off. I should’ve waited but what’s done is done). And who’s to say when I’ll have that extra burst of energy? That’s why I’m so last minute with plans, but most people need forewarning. I put on some eyeliner and then planned to put on some eye shadow but that was just going to be too much effort so decided against it. My mind was stronger than my body yesterday.

We went to eat some pasta appetizers (spinach and artichoke dip and butternut squash ravioli) and salads for our entrees. We stayed out for a few hours and I talked a LOT. We both did. I kept telling myself to stop talking, especially when I would forget what I was talking about because I often go off on tangents. I was also talking about silly things and probably not making sense to her. I kept telling myself that she wasn’t going to get some of my jokes and I needed to keep a filter on it. That worked half the time but I couldn’t help myself. See, I need to learn how to act in public again. 🙂 Hopefully I didn’t scare her off. 🙂 It was really great to get out of what I have been calling my “prison” and to be able to just tell someone what has been going on and she doesn’t know anyone involved so I could be open about everything I decided to disclose.

Here is my random photo that I try to insert into all of my posts. Just to break up the monotony of a white background and black words.


My Aunty’s front yard on our little “walk.” I like the colors of the plant and also like the green plant that wraps itself around the gate. Butterflies like to hang out on that plant sometimes. I’ve been seeing one every day for the past week or so.

I met a lady on Facebook, I’ll call her “C.”  My sister had said that she wanted me to talk to C because she has Lupus and kidney disease too and thought it might be good for us to talk to each other. C sent me a message and friend request on Facebook and I accepted it and we’ve been emailing a lot back and forth since yesterday. We have a lot of things in common which is great and one day when the stars are aligned correctly we will both have enough energy to visit each other. 🙂 We were talking about how there are no Lupus walks here and how we wish that there was or that there were more groups or functions available. I told her how I’m thinking about seeing what I may be able to do to organize something for next year since May is just around the corner and there would need to be more time to prepare. I was thinking if I had a lot of money, I would hire a team to work on a cure for Lupus 24/7.

As far as books, I was reading “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” but once again the length of it frightened me and I really wanted to read one of the new books that I received in the mail a few weeks or maybe even a month ago by now. So I decided that since I wasn’t reading anything, it would be better to start one of the new books than to just not read at all because I wasn’t finishing my current book. I started Chelsea Handler’s book “Uganda be Kidding Me.” She’s one of my favorite comedians and I love her show even though I hardly watch it because I rarely watch television. I am really enjoying this book and find myself laughing aloud a lot. I have a few friends that the book makes me think of and these are the friends that I’m closest with. We all “get” each other, have the same sense of humor, and can say whatever it is that we want; so we’re always laughing. I miss them, but most of them do not live here and are on the mainland.  


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  1. nariel4thewest
    Apr 22, 2014 @ 05:36:57

    🙂 You make me smile, you know that? I can always fall right into your blogs, with a cup of tea in my hand and read them as if I’m sitting with a dear friend, talking. It makes me feel happy. Thank you for that.

    I’ve been called chatty my whole life. I can live with that. LOL. But I do find that when I’m rather ‘shut in’ I get even more so, when I’m in the company of something that doesn’t own four paws and whiskers. 😉 It’s like on some level, I want to say everything I’ve been storing up. I want to listen to what others have to say and I want to be heard for all I’ve been longing to say as well. It’s kind of like that feeling of when springtime comes to the Rockies after the snows let you down the hill for the first time!

    I’ve not been in this battle for anywhere near what you have. I learn so much from what you write and I definitely learn to be a fighter through you and my dearest best friend who’s been fighting Crohn’s and Lupus for 9 years now. (I feel like a colossal WIMP too, but hey.. I’ll get stronger.. lol). But.. I can already relate to the planning phase of everything. It’s like planning for a world tour just to go to the dang grocery store anymore. It’s about learning how to say no with grace, and not feel like a total sh*t, too.

    I’m so glad.. you made it out and had a wonderful time my friend! YAY YOU!!!!
    The wolf can howl, but sometimes… it only gets to whimper and crawl back into its den, when the warriors win.

    Oh and btw.. I’m on fb. too (far too much they say. hahahahah would love to have you as a friend there. How can I find you?)


    • mkingr
      Apr 22, 2014 @ 15:33:54

      I have a friend with Crohn’s too. I haven’t seen him since 2004 or 2005 & rarely talk to him anymore. I miss him. I would feel like a (wimp) when he & I were together because I felt like he was going through so much more than I was and here I was complaining either outloud or in my head. I’m glad you enjoyed that post. I had regreted posting it (while still typing it) because I felt it was more boring than my usual posts. 🙂 So if you liked it, then I don’t regret it anymore. 🙂 Is the easiest way to find someone on FB through their email? I’m not sure anymore as things have changed so much and I haven’t searched for anyone in a long time. Let me know. I know if you search by name, there’s a million of us out there. 🙂 You may be able to search for my FB business page and click on my name from there. Nohea Beaded Treasures. I’m not trying to promote my business so don’t worry. Haha. But that might be the easiest way. You don’t even have to “like” the page. Now I want a cup of tea. Or lunch.


  2. nariel4thewest
    Apr 22, 2014 @ 18:24:42

    Oh! I’m thankful to discover I can still follow your blog my friend! I will stay in touch. I sent a friend request to your business site. If you could request me from your personal fb that would be awesome. I may not return here with a blog. Not sure yet. Bless your good heart!


  3. lupusreallysucks
    Apr 23, 2014 @ 10:08:54

    I can so relate to what you’ve said here! The presentable clothes, the hair, the escape from prison and the talking thing….especially….the talking thing.


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