So I went to my ultrasound appointment today and my nurse called me about an hour later to say that the results were normal. Although relieved I was disappointed that we still haven’t found out what’s wrong with me. I made a follow up appointment to see my primary doctor on Friday. The ultrasound was painful as the tech pressed down everywhere that I have been hurting.

One of my best friends has been texting me lately and has been suggesting things that I can try. At this point I feel like it wouldn’t hurt to try anything. She suggested a few supplements and now to be gluten free for at least 3 days. She told me to research gluten and gut inflammation. I recently found an article that had a direct link to this supplement that is supposed to address the five problem points of Fibromyalgia. The reviews that I have read are good so far and because it addresses chronic fatigue and pain I figured it can’t hurt to try it. I ordered a free two week sample and if I don’t cancel, they will send me a bottle a month. I just had to pay shipping/ handling for the trial. It took me a while to decide to buy it but I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Like my life back. My friend is on a vacation right now so when she gets back she wanted a list of my meds and is going to try to help me. It means a lot to me. I miss her a lot and haven’t seen her in a long time. But anytime we talk, it’s like we were never apart. She helped me to decide on purchasing the product I mentioned. She asked me what it contained so I sent her the website address and she said that all of the supplements were good. I’ll talk to my doctor about it on Friday about it. I’m assuming it works because the lady who is on the website has Fibromyalgia and her husband helped make this possible for her. I know I can’t believe everything that I read and am always doubtful but it can’t hurt unless my doctor tells me otherwise. I would rather take the supplement than all the medications that I feel are poisoning my body. If it works then maybe I can get off of almost everything. That would be awesome. It has a 100% one year money back guarantee so why not?

Well it’s time for me to tackle last years tax paperwork. I found out if I don’t do them by the last day of the year then I lose my tax credit. The sad thing is that I have an accountant, I just haven’t been really good about keeping paperwork, statements, and receipts for my business in order and need to find as much as I can. I also closed two bank accounts earlier this year so I should have ordered them earlier this month but that didn’t happen. I don’t like to stress out and end up procrastinating sometimes which makes it worse when I finally start the task.

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