Liebster Award

I was nominated for the Liebster Award by Athena of Athens. If you haven’t read her blog yet, you should definitely check it out. 🙂 I was also nominated by Enissa whose blog is Self Love Soul Series. I’m going to answer her eleven questions as well. Another awesome blog (these are two that I would definitely have nominated if they hadn’t already been nominated).

The Rules Are:

The Liebster Award is awarded to bloggers with under 200 followers to try to promote their blog a little and also bring together a community of bloggers. The rules of the competition are as follows:

•The nominated user must provide a link back to the person who nominated them.
•Provide 11 facts about yourself.
•Answer 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you.
•Choose 11 more people and ask them 11 questions.

11 Facts about Myself:

1. My first job was at a peach farm. I was about 15 years old and was paid a little over $3/ hr. I cannot eat peaches anymore, they disgust me.

2. I enjoy either dressing up, putting on a crazy amount of make up, and either wear different wigs or do something with my hair. It amuses me when I’m bored. I haven’t done it in a while but did it yesterday. Photos and video are always a plus so I can laugh about it later.

3. I like to make/ create things. Whether it is a short story (since I don’t have an attention span that can support long term projects), I have a bead and gemstone jewelry business, I like to make and edit videos, I enjoy art (especially drawing), photography, and music (I can play the flute, piano, guitar~ and piccolo and ukulele sort of don’t count since they are similar to the other instruments. Well I guess the ukulele chords are different than the guitar so maybe I can count that one too). 🙂 I’m not super talented and am not proficient, however it’s good enough for me.

4. When my sister and I were kids, we tried to make up our very own language so that no one could understand what we were saying. Today we can both only remember three words. I think that’s pretty “phenomenal” granted how many years have gone by and that both of us remember as much as we do. I guess I do this at work too. I have several people that have taken up my “language” and use it regularly. It’s pretty funny/ amusing to me. So sometimes I’ll even make up words or start using another word/ phrase that we used to use as children but we don’t hear everyday anymore to see how long it will take for someone to start using it too.

5. One of my favorite places to be is at the beach. I like to boogie board and love to paddle board. The ocean always seems to calm me. Even if I’m just sitting on the beach and staring into the horizon with my thoughts, I feel at peace (unless I’m contemplating something troublesome). I would like to try kite surfing but knowing me, I would freak out because I was going too fast, forget what I’m supposed to do to correct myself, and then smash the board and myself into rocks. That wouldn’t be fun.

6. My favorite job was in Payroll. I like calculating money, I like to do everything perfect when it comes to work, and I liked having my own office and not having to deal with people all the time. It’s nice to play my favorite songs from my iPod at work (and there aren’t a lot of jobs where you can do that). I do not like math though because I’m not good at it but money math is different since it’s easier. My dream job would be doing anything that interested me where I could be 100% self employed. I would love to be able to travel and work at the same time.

7. I love to budget. My budget is updated until mid 2015 at this time (reason was I was trying to figure out when I was going to be finished paying off all my bills; excluding my student loans; and how much I would have in my savings at that time).

8. A few “creatures” that give me the heebie-jeebies are: toads, spiders (especially garden spiders and cane spiders). I don’t have to worry about Black Widows or Brown Recluses here). And let’s not forget geckos.

9.  I graduated from UNLV with an English degree that I don’t use (I liked British Literature and writing courses the most). When I was younger I wanted to be a writer but always thought I needed to be “inspired” first and be able to write an entire book (which I never did). I also took longer to graduate from college because in the last semester of my Senior year I was depressed and failing most of my classes so I dropped out of college. It felt good at the time like I was being “released from jail” but later it became a big mistake. Because I changed colleges, they didn’t accept all of my credits so instead of having to just take one semester to get my degree, I had to go to UNLV for a couple of years (to satisfy their criteria).

10. I don’t like to watch t.v. but occasionally enjoy movies, reading books, writing, or work on a new “project” until I get bored of it. I do however really like Chelsea Lately and used to watch Revenge and Two Broke Girls. But to me, t.v. series require commitment to watch it every week on a specific day and time. Sometimes I’ll tape the shows but I haven’t watched any for months now. (I’ll order it from Netflix when I’m ready). 🙂

11. I am a procrastinator. It’s something that I want to work on… later. 🙂

Questions for Me from Athena of Athens:

1.  Why do you blog?

I decided to start a blog for multiple reasons. My initial thought was to write about living a life with an auto-immune disease called Lupus. I hoped that it might help someone else going through the same thing so they wouldn’t feel alone, and hoped that reading other people’s Lupus blogs might help me too. It also served the purpose of keeping a journal (since I don’t write in a journal anymore after finding out that multiple people throughout my life have read it and questioned me about what I wrote about them). I felt that blogging and not telling anyone that I know about it, I can say what I want or need to say. 🙂 I found many great blogs: blogs about Lupus, blogs about photography and writing, and others that I enjoy for different reasons.

2.  What’s the most traumatic thing in your life that’s happened?

I really don’t know since I don’t think about those things a lot. Maybe it was in one specific relationship that I was in for five years. It was like living in hell. I considered it “abusive” even though other people have experienced worse in this area. I felt that the relationship, no, this specific person was abusive on a verbal level, an emotional level, then on a threatening and physical level. Besides having to deal with working full time, going to college full time, feeling like I was going to doctor appointments full time (I had about 5 different doctors back then), and on top of it one thing I could always count on was being yelled at/ scolded/ belittled/ etc. every single day. Something that could be said in 15 minutes lasted for hours, it was like listening to something that was on a loop/ repeat. Sometimes the words were changed, however it was the same thing I had heard over and over again. That part wasn’t the traumatic part but it wasn’t pleasant. I wanted to leave sooner than I did but I was afraid for my life. A little window opened up for me and that day I just didn’t care anymore so I took the opportunity, left, and started a new life.

3.  How do you deal with assholes?

I usually just ignore them depending upon how inappropriate they are being and the situation. I do not like confrontation and sometimes wish that I could speak up more than I do because I think it would help me. Because when I do not call them on it, I become very agitated with the person, I get stressed out (maybe that’s not the best word but it’ll have to do for now), and then I become angry at myself because I didn’t say anything. I try hard to avoid *holes and other situations that will make me angry because I hold things in so much that a few times in my life I have raised my voice and yelled back at someone who started yelling at me first or “attacking” me when they didn’t have a good reason to do so. And when I do start yelling back, I get into a “zone” where I do not realize I have been yelling or exactly what I said until I stop.

4.  Do you believe in an afterlife?

I’m not sure as I have never been there… yet. However if the afterlife entails being reunited with all of your loved ones that have passed away and there’s no abyss of eternal flames that consume me, then I would like that a lot. It helps a little when someone that I love passes away to think that they are smiling because they are greeting all of their loved ones that they have grieved for and missed while on earth. I believe in reincarnation though.

5.  What is your favorite thing to do, besides blogging?

I have a lot of “favorite activities.” 🙂 When I’m up to it I enjoy the outdoors: beach activities, hiking, and riding a bicycle and try to beat my time from my best record. Actually I included my favorite things to do under the section 11 Facts about Myself, #3.


11 Questions for Me from Enissa (Self Love Soul Series):

1. What was the last book you read and why?

The last book I read was “Uganda be Kidding Me” by Chelsea Handler. I read it because she makes me laugh and I find her very entertaining. Also since I have been going through some health issues, I thought that anything “light,” “funny,” and enjoyable would be more beneficial to my overall health than something negative or sad.

2. What inspires you more than anything?

Seeing results and (self) improvement inspires me the most. Positive feedback also inspires me to accomplish more but it’s not my main source of inspiration. I need to believe in myself and what I am doing.

3.Who is someone you know that you respect and admire? Why? (No one Famous)

I cannot think of anyone specific that I admire, however I do admire the human spirit and the hope, strength, and endurance it possesses when faced by extreme adversity. I admire people who “fight” even when they want to give up because the situation seems hopeless.

4. What is a gift or talent that you have?

This is a tough one as it’s difficult for me to say what I’m “gifted” or “talented” in when there are others who make my attempts look feeble compared to their accomplishments. There are always people who are better at something than others. So I asked my sister and a friend to see what they would say. Music (playing different musical instruments and teaching myself to play them) and drawing. I find when I draw a lot, I get better results but haven’t drawn anything for a long time.

5. What qualities do you love about yourself?

That I am loyal, fair, non judgmental, I’m a good friend (I listen completely, would do anything for my friends and loved ones, would never betray them, and can usually cheer them up depending upon the circumstances).

6. What qualities do you wish you can change or strongly dislike?

I would like to be more patient, not let things get under my skin as much as I do, and be more determined and not procrastinate.

7. What pivotal moment made you start your blog? Why?

I had been hospitalized a couple of times (first time in my life for Lupus complications- within two months) and was treading on unfamiliar territory even though prior to this I thought I knew what living with Lupus was all about. I didn’t think it got worse than what it had been in the past but I found myself not knowing what to expect. I hoped that by starting my blog, I could help others and myself. It was also a way to journal since I’m more apt to type than to write in a notebook every day. At one point it was very difficult to write and I didn’t write at all because one of my medications made me shake so much that my writing was illegible. It’s a little bit better now but I still prefer to type.

8. Where do you see yourself five years from now?

I would like to be self employed, a world traveler, successful in every aspect of my life, and be “healthier.”

9. What is your favorite t.v. show and why?

I don’t watch t.v. But a few years ago I really enjoyed Two Broke Girls when I caught it on t.v. This show always made me laugh, and I loved Max’s sense of humor, wit, and sarcasm.

10. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

Kona coffee

11. What type of music do you like?

Alternative, Electronica, Ska, etc. I like a lot of different types of music despite their genre. Sometimes I don’t even know what category they fall in.

11 Questions for You:

1. Why do you blog?

2. What are you passionate about?

3. What is one of the funniest or craziest things that you have done?

4. What is your biggest accomplishment?

5. Do you have any pet peeves?

6. What is your favorite place in the world that you’ve visited? And if you don’t have a favorite place yet, where would you like to travel to?

7. What is your favorite thing(s) to do in your spare time?

8. If you could change anything about your life, would you? What would you change? If you wouldn’t change anything about your life, then why not?

9. Do you admire anyone or anything?

10. What is at least one thing that makes you unique?

11. What is one trait that you have that you would like to change? What is a trait that you have that you are proud of?

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