Show and Tell

“Show and Tell” was never something that I liked to participate in while in school (being shy for much of my life as well as feeling like I had nothing to contribute). But at times it was fun to observe, depending upon what was being shared. What is considered “interesting” will always be relative to the unique predilection of the individual. I’m not saying that what I may share will be of interest to anyone besides myself, but every once in a while we need a change of pace. To focus on something other than our lives at the moment, especially when going through unwanted changes that do not have definitive answers, or maybe no answers at all. This is just something I thought I would start and see if anyone wanted to participate. Feel free to post your Show and Tell photos and/or stories.


I was thinking I had to share this photo of Mia because she is just the cutest thing ever. I love that she will always look like a puppy. And I will try not to post all kinds of stuff about her here but sometimes I cannot control myself. She always cheers me up, is always so excited to see me, and she is just absolutely wonderful in countless ways.

Mia- January 2014
Mia is the best medicine.

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