I Tell You What

First of all, I’m hoping that 2016 will be a better year for all of us, not only for our health, but for every aspect of our lives, everything and anything that touches us. Resolutions are not for me, they are made to be broken. Like a bucket list before the term “bucket list” came out. I can make goals though. For now I’ll check in with myself at least once a month. I believe goals give us hope and something to strive for. Without hope we have nothing. And I know that sometimes I need the goals so I don’t forget to live and have hope while I’m going through whatever it is that is ravishing my life at the moment.

Bored Again

I saw the Ophthalmologist on December 30th. She said my Macula looked fine and she saw no signs of Macular Degeneration. I asked her how is it that someone thinks they see something and then there is nothing there? The best way for me to ask, “Wtf?” She said it could’ve been the high dosages of Prednisone I had been on. She agrees that I should still stay off of Plaquenil and even mentioned one Lupus medication that none of my specialists have brought up to me. They want to put me on Cytoxan before something that is milder? Well, I’m not going to worry my pretty little head about something that has not happened yet. 🙂 Apparently I just shouldn’t worry about anything anymore- it doesn’t make any sense. I stressed myself out over becoming permanently blind because of what one person said and then end up being told that was not true. Lupus is crazy too, so fickle, not making sense most of the time. Cray cray. 🙂